Enterprise Class WordPress: Going Big with WordPress

Jake Goldman
Primary Audience: Developer | Level: Intermediate | About Jake»

Sure, we all get that WordPress is great blogging software, and makes a great website for Joe’s Corner Coffee Shop or Mike’s Hometown Consulting Services. And maybe you feel solid about your ability to build a WordPress site on a shared host or VPS. But what about the big guns? Is WordPress a $200,000 enterprise CMS for large businesses? Is it a million dollar CMS for a movie production? And if so, what does this mean for building, hosting, and managing such implementations? How do we even sell WordPress as such?

This talk is an honest exploration and dialog about what it means to sell, implement, and manage enterprise-class WordPress implementations. We’ll touch on solutions, like WordPress.com VIP hosting, EditFlow workflow tools, and development techniques where reliability and scale is a must. We’ll also examine the places where WordPress struggles to compete with or falls short of its enterprise competition, and explore how we can solve some of these problems as a community.

The target audience is freelancers, strategists, and business leaders that want to go bigger with WordPress.