It’s a Lot Like Building a House

Adam Baney
Primary Audience: Designer | Level: Basic/Intermediate | About Adam»

WordPress is an awesome tool that allows us to manage websites. There are many plugins and widgets that can easily be added to any WordPress install to extend its functionality. However, just because we add myriads of great plugins and widgets to our sites, doesn’t mean that our sites will be successful. I’ve seen it happen many times that someone starts a site thinking that just because they have a site, they will suddenly have tons of traffic or tons of new business. Later when they realize that their site isn’t doing much, they reach for some plugins, add a new blog post, or do whatever else they think will bring in more business to their site. Unfortunately, there was a step that was missed in the process.

Before even setting up a shiny new WordPress install, most of the work should be put into planning. Planning in the way of business strategy, positioning, branding, creating the content and organization of a website, and finally design. You know? It’s a lot like building a house.