The Sweet Spot of 3 Bloggers

finding your sweet spot

Guest Post by WordCamp Albuquerque speaker, Melissa J White

A teacher, a realtor, and a potter. All 3 have blogs; all 3 have goals and values. But each blogger has a different view on why they blog, and how they measure that success.

“Finding Your Sweet Spot: How to Choose the Perfect Blog Subject” will tell the story of each of these beginning bloggers and show how one simple formula helped them to discover their reason for blogging.

Nancy Judd of Recycle Runway was blogging just to support her other social media efforts. Like a lot of us, Nancy was a creative entrepreneur who didn’t really want to blog 2-3 times per week. But one incident changed the tide for her, and made blogging a way to connect to her audience in a deeper, richer format.

Marilyn Foss was looking for a new website to showcase not just one luxury property, but a succession of properties, while building SEO rank on one domain. We created a “pretty-Frankenstein” half-blog, half-website that has her ranking in the #3 spot on the first page of google with only 4 blog posts! I’ll show you how we reached her goal.

A quiet potter who doesn’t measure success by the number of hits to his site, but who is a savvy businessman, and has a gift for storytelling, found the subject of his blog in the meditative, creative life of clay.

Each of these bloggers found their subject by looking at their professional goals, their audience’s needs, and their personal desires—a powerful formula for finding that sweet spot.

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