WordCamp Albuquerque Tickets to go on sale Sunday, June 24

Mark your calendars! 200 early-bird tickets to WordCamp Albuquerque 2012 go on sale Sunday, June 24. At $30 each ($25 for students), you’re practically stealing, but we won’t call the cops on you. In fact, it will truly be a crime if you neglect to get a ticket and miss out! If you wait until August 1, you’ll pay $40 ($35 for students) for the same ticket. And that’s if there are any still available!

What do you get for your hard-earned but well-spent cash?

  • Friday night reception (cash bar) at a TBD location (take your beer from the reception over to the Hackathon group and participate in a WordPress Hackathon that kicks off at the reception)
  • Scads of brilliant WordPress presentations on Saturday (if you don’t leave Saturday a better, more motivated WordPress user, designer, or developer, it’ll probably be because of spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook telling everyone how cool it is to be at #wcabq: Focus, people!)
  • Coffee (maybe pastries) and Saturday lunch! Mmm…lunch…
  • Saturday after-party with other inspired WP folks (cash bar)
  • Sunday morning Hackathon wrapup/presentations
  • Sunday morning kids session ($5/kid; parents get in free) in which kids set up their own wordpress.com blog
  • WP and #wcabq swag!
  • the warm feeling that comes from being part of the New Mexico WP community (priceless!)

So get your ticket soon. If you don’t, somebody else will! And they might not be as much fun as you, and then we all suffer…

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3 Responses to WordCamp Albuquerque Tickets to go on sale Sunday, June 24

  1. I filled out a form to buy a ticket but the PayPal button keeps taking me to the sandbox… My guess is that the link hasn’t been updated or something? Looking forward to buying my ticket!

    • karenalma says:

      Hi, we’ll be ready for tickets very soon, I am so glad you are excited for WordCamp. We are too 🙂

  2. Very cool! I am developing like a crazy person also, and know what this situation is like. Look forward to buying a ticket!